Lilly Marsh Studios produces home décor and personal wear fabrics from local farm fibers, processed locally at Battenkill Fiber Mill, Greenwich, NY. We specialize in breed-specific wools and wool blends. You may choose from among our retail offerings or we can help you take your farm’s fiber through the milling process from raw fleece to finished product.

Current Inventory

Below are some pieces that are currently in stock.

If you see something you like, please contact me and we can complete the transaction via PayPal.



Scarves can play many roles …as thick and fierce protection from winter winds, or as light warmth and style over indoor clothes. Wool scarves can extend to either purpose in the choice of fiber and fiber blend, in the structure and the density of the weaving. Stay warm this winter, indoors and out, in local Hudson Valley wools.

Merino Herringbones: These winter wear scarves provide an excellent soft but substantial source of protection from the winter cold. Wrapped under your winter coat, the cozy densely woven fabric won’t let the lights breath of cold air down your neck! Studio dyed after weaving, these scarves play the ordered regimentation of the herringbone pattern against the random swirls of color variation.

Merino Alpaca Herringbones in Grey and Toffee: Warmth and style in these finer gauge scarves which combine wool and alpaca for a thinner, flatter fabric with more drape.  These can be either winter wear under a coat or act as a stylish accent indoors.  Studio dyed after weaving, these scarves play the ordered regimentation of the herringbone pattern against the random swirls of color variation.

Short Scarf: A short dressy scarf/shawl, 16 x 60 inches and with a 5 inch twisted fringe. Woven in a crepe structure, this airy light shawl is very warm and soft, in the quietest of pale faun East FriesianWool and Alpaca fiber

Lace Stoles: These lace stoles are gorgeous and elegant, in a blend of local wools, and a simple Atwater-Bronson lace pattern.  64 by 20 inches with a simple twisted fringe and hand hemstitching, there are 6 of these available in mocha and tobacco tones.  $95.00 each


“Differential Shrinkage in Corriedale Wool and Silk”:  These pieces take advantage of wool’s shrinkage by creating a textured and regular seersucker effect, and then emphasized by the differential dye effects on wool and silk.  These pieces have great drape and are very soft while their size allows for luxurious wrapping and coziness against a winter’s cold.

Fancy Twills: Fine East Friesian and Alpaca wools, natural colored and studio dyed make up these lovely soft, fine gauged wraps in a variety of twills and weft colors (Sage, Milk Chocolate, Toffee, Chinese Red, Aqua). All are 27 x 78 inches with short raw wool fringe


Perfect for couch cuddling or story time, these lovely lap robes are perfect for indoor use on a chilly evening, or when trying to coax a little sleepiness.

SYP series: All of the wool in this series is from Blue Pepper Farm, a sheep dairy north of Jay, NY. East Friesian sheep are usually considered only dairy animals but the wool from Blue Pepper, combined with a little local Alpaca, makes for luscious, soft throws in 3 lovely natural colors of cocoa, pale faun, and dark taupe with the added fine lines of dyed crimson to set off the natural tones.

Grey Shadow Series

Grey Cormo Wool Series- Cormo wool deserves a little explanation.  Cormo is a breed of sheep with remarkably soft wool and an amazing buttery hand. It is the best for couch cuddling on winter nights.


“Wool Blankets” are synonymous with a warm hearth and heart. Our local Corriedale wool is noted for its coziness and ‘cush’, while Cormo wool is the essence of softness.  These various twill structures create a lot of air for extra warmth and are perfect for cuddling under around a campfire or for movies, or just on your bed.


Garment Wool Fabric: This 100% Hudson Valley sourced, processed and woven fabric is the best that our region has to offer. The wool blend of Romney and Corriedale creates a durable and yet soft fabric suitable for skirts, tops, dresses, or tunics over leggings. The dornik twill structure, related to herringbone, is especially suitable for hard-wearing fabrics.


Commission/Wholesale Work

The Studio can help you bring your ideas into reality whether you are a farmer growing your own fiber and looking for finished products, a designer looking to source local fibers for private label sales, or some combination of the spectrum. If you have your own fiber, we can help shepherd it through the scouring and milling process. We specialize in designing products to show off your fiber’s best qualities. If you are a designer, we can help you find high-quality local fiber and fiber blends that will showcase your designs. We have small minimums but can also handle larger orders, in a wide variety of bed and camp blankets, couch throws, wraps, shawls, scarves, table runners, upholstery, or pillow fabric, and sewing yardage in our solar-powered studio. Contact me to inquire.

Wholesale Prices for Weaving Services

Materials can be sourced locally and will be charged at cost plus 5%.

Price ranges according to design complexity, number of colors, size of yarn, finishing options, and length and width of warp.

Least expensive would be a relatively heavy (1000-1600 ypp) 2 ply warp and weft of the same color. These include blankets, throws and most lap robes in 1 or 2 colors
More expensive would include projects with multiple colors or of fine warps (1800 ypp and higher), especially of singles yarns in the warp and weft, and of very long and narrow warps. These include sewing yardage, fine scarves, shawls and table runners

Base Prices

  • Basic twin/camp Blanket (4 minimum; 52x 72 inch)….$120 ea.
  • Lap Robe or Throw (4 min; 40 x 60 in)….$90 ea.
  • Wrap (4 min; 36 x 60 finished size)…………………………$90 ea.
  • Shawl/Stole (6 min; 20 x 65 finished size)……………$80 ea.
  • Small Car Blanket (6 min.;45 x 36 finished size)…………….$70 ea.
  • Scarf/table runner (4 min, 12 x 60 finished size)… $55 ea.

Basic Finishing includes machine-stitched ends, wet finish, and steam press. Additional treatments and charges would be agreed upon in advance.