Commission/Wholesale Work

The Studio can help you bring your ideas into reality whether you are a farmer growing your own fiber and looking for finished products, a designer looking to source local fibers for private label sales, or some combination of the spectrum. If you have your own fiber, we can help shepherd it through the scouring and milling process. We specialize in designing products to show off your fiber’s best qualities. If you are a designer, we can help you find high-quality local fiber and fiber blends that will showcase your designs. We have small minimums but can also handle larger orders, in a wide variety of bed and camp blankets, couch throws, wraps, shawls, scarves, table runners, upholstery, or pillow fabric, and sewing yardage in our solar-powered studio. Contact me to inquire.

Wholesale Prices for Weaving Services

Materials can be sourced locally and will be charged at cost plus 5%.

Price ranges according to design complexity, number of colors, size of yarn, finishing options, and length and width of warp.

Least expensive would be a relatively heavy (1000-1600 ypp) 2 ply warp and weft of the same color. These include blankets, throws and most lap robes in 1 or 2 colors
More expensive would include projects with multiple colors or of fine warps (1800 ypp and higher), especially of singles yarns in the warp and weft, and of very long and narrow warps. These include sewing yardage, fine scarves, shawls and table runners

Base Prices

  • Basic Twin Blankets (52×72, 1 or 2 colors) 
    • 4 item minimum requires 12 # blanket weight yarn (2.8 yd sq)
  • Couch Throw (40 x 60, 1 or 2 colors)
    • 4 item min. req. 8 # blanket weight yarn (1.85 yd sq)
  • Wrap (36 x 60, 1 or 2 colors)
    • 5 item min. req. 9# blanket weight or 7# 2800 ypp garment weight yarn (1.6 yd sq)
  • Toddler Blanket (45 x 36) 
    • 5 item min. req. 6# garment weight yarn (1.25 sq yds)
  • Shawl/Stole (own selvedge, 20x 65, 1 or 2 colors) 
    • 6 item min req. 5.5# garment weight yarn (1 yd sq.)
  •  Scarf/ Table Runner (own selvedge, 18 x 60) 
    • 7 item min req 6.5# garment weight yarn (.8 yd sq.)
  • Cut and Sewn Scarves (4 stitched edges, 10 x 60) 
    • 15 item min req 6# garment weight yarn

Basic Finishing includes machine-stitched ends, wet finish, and steam press. Additional treatments and charges would be agreed upon in advance.

Dye Services

I offer mall batch kettle dyeing of 4 lbs or less per dye lot. Color matching is not guaranteed.

  • Wash Fast Weak Acid Dyes … $16/lb.
  • Indigo dyeing … $20/lb

Design Services

Basic simple designs of 1 or 2 colors with simple structures are included in the price of weaving. More complex or unique patterns requiring more design time will be charged at $40 hourly with a 3-hour maximum charge.