Photo credit: Lisa Jean Godfrey

Artisan Designed, Limited Edition Textiles for Personal Use or Resale

Lilly Marsh Studios produces home décor and personal wear fabrics from local farm fibers, processed locally at Battenkill Fiber Mill, Greenwich, New York. We specialize in breed specific wools and wool blends, reflecting a fibershed sensibility around slow fashion. You may choose from among our retail offerings or we can help you take your farm’s fiber through the milling process from raw fleece to finished product.

Are you interested in:

  • Purchasing weaving for gift or personal use
  • Design and/or Weaving Services for resale from my fiber
  • Yarn Sourcing and Weaving Services for resale from my design
  • Help in designing yarn for your weaving
  • Receiving a wholesale price list
  • Hearing Lilly Marsh speak at an event
Lilly Marsh. Photo by Lisa Jean Godfrey.

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